July update

After taking a slight drop around May, the hiring activity in finance has picked up again. We see mandates flying in across asset classes both from the Sell-Side and the Buy-Side space. Important to point out; our Buy-Side involvement has surely picked up. Whether it is in Research, Compliance or Sales, the roles are as diverse as our candidate pool. Thanks to our ongoing efforts, we were able to expand our client list significantly. We are looking forward to continue our efforts in the second half of this year, so that we can provide our top service to more companies.

A great year

Today we mark the end of the fiscal year. At DSJ we are looking back at a fantastic period of time. In the beginning of this year, two new consulting specialists joined our team. Therefore. we were able to not only face our competitors in our respected field of expertise, significantly increase our profitability as a company and also expand our coverage. Traditionally focusing on Front Office roles for financial services, we have now successfully included Operations, IT, FinTech and Asset Management. Going forward, we are aiming to strengthen our core business and capture more and more market share every month.

June update

As we transition into the rainy season, we’ve seen big movements within the Equity space, including senior MD hires, as well as within different areas of the financial markets. While the overall sentiment in the Equity Markets remains challenging, there are a few clear winners, taking market share by storm. At the same time, Technology continues to seek talented, and hands-on developers, with different program languages and skill levels. Another area of continued demand has been within Structured Products, and we hope that the hiring trends continue to pick up. If you’re seeking opportunities within the Front Office-Sales, Trading, Structuring, or Research please contact us. We’re also always on the lookout for talented Developers and Quant Analysts, so come and speak to us today!

April update

The buy side space continues to see demand for client facing candidates however this demand is constrained through tight candidate supply. In addition, we see a healthy demand for Research Analysts across various sectors. Recently we closed a senior Business Development and a Data Analyst role for a well respected company affiliated in the Finance and IT sector. Open roles that we are actively sourcing for in Tokyo, Hong Kong and New York include: Sales, Traders, Research Analysts, Quant Analysts and skilled Programmers.

March update

It is safe to say that spring has finally arrived in Tokyo. Time to throw away the Heattech people! Together with the temperature, our activity in the office rises constantly. The current job market keeps us busy as we are heading towards the end of the fiscal year. Mandates are flowing in for Sell-Side or Buy-Side to Tech and Compliance roles. I think we can all agree that skilled talent never goes out of fashion. Stay updated and reach out to us today to hear the newest job trends!

In other news: we would like to take a moment to congratulate Joël Faustor, expert in Tech recruiting, for closing his first deal within 3 months at DSJ. Joël managed both the candidate and client side, and couldn’t have done it any better. We wish him the best in his ongoing career, and look forward to the next few deals! Omedetto!

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