Guiding you to make the right career decision.

Step.1Career Counseling

A Career Consultant will help identify suitable opportunities and guide you throughout the process. We have confidential open roles in top tire companies!

Step.2Job Application

Your CV will be submitted to the relevant contact person at the client.


Step.3Interview Preparation

The Career Consultant will provide you with thorough interview preparation tips, based on their professional experience and relationship with the client and help you get through the process

Step.4Offer Negotiation

As local experts, we are well informed on salary trends, and will negotiate the best possible and realistic offers for you.

Step.5Reference Check

As a mandatory requirement from most of our clients, we would advise on providing reliable referees before receiving an offer


Step.6Offer Acceptance and Start a New Career

Our Career Consultant will provide step by step guidance on the resignation process as well as on-boarding the new company.

Step.7Follow Up

After you start your new job we will continue to offer our consulting services as we strive to build long-term partnerships.


Why Choose DSJ?

With a combination of over 15 years' recruitment experience in Asia, we have established long-term relationships with senior management and key decision makers within financial institutions, so can provide a wide variety of options and ideas for your next career move, as well as detailed and thorough guidance during the job search.

We are highly specialized, and have been recognized as top suppliers in various areas of financial services recruitment, often receiving confidential mandates and early notifications on hiring needs.

Consultants at DSJ value the importance of feedback, and ensure timely responses and transparent communication throughout the recruitment process.