Screening Revolution

As of this month, DSJ welcomed an innovative new system for resume introduction, with the use of video technology. As pre-screening candidates is one of the most important tasks in the recruitment process, we decided to take one step further to partner with our clients. 

Going forward, we will provide our clients with video interviews and introductions from candidates, allowing them to see and hear them before the actual interview. This breakthrough technology allows clients to provide us with decisive screening questions for candidates to answer, prior to committing to an actual interview.


The benefits of this technology include:

・Pre-screening - is enabled to be carried out efficiently before deciding whether to move to a face to face interview.

・Saving time - a greater number of candidates can be reviewed in a shorter amount of time.

・Increased response times - candidates should be able to receive the initial feedback from clients much more quickly than before.


We are already using this technology successfully. Please contact us if you would like to learn more.

Supporting Children World Wide

This month, Divine Solutions Japan is continuing to support children around the globe through World Vision. The program aims to help needy people in developing countries and provide them with an education, living expenses and medical costs. DSJ is proud to be able to contribute our part to society and give back to the people most affected by the problems of the world. In the hope that we can make a difference, we give what we can and work hard.

We are currently looking after 10 children and every time we receive a thank-you letter or photo with their pretty smiles, we feel we are making their lives better and hope to continue to encourage and support them until they graduate.

Back in the Office

With the state of emergency lifted in the Tokyo metropolitan area; DSJ is happy to announce that we are back in the office from today, Tuesday 26th May 2020. For job opportunities and market updates, please get in touch with us via phone +81 3 5572 7071 or email

Onboarding & Testimonial

After two months, the DSJ team is preparing to transition back to our office in Azabu Juban. The period working from home has been interesting, at times challenging and ultimately very rewarding. During this time we were not only able to close some significant deals with existing and new clients, we are also aiming to finalize more deals before this month ends. Candidates placed by us during this time managed to smoothly adjust to onboarding remotely, which was not difficult as one testimony shows:


“I believe the latest situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated the need for companies having adequate Business Continuity Plans. Thankfully, my experience being on-boarded has been rather smooth thanks to the new company utilizing the latest technology for working remotely and using tools for video-conferencing to fill any communication gaps where necessary. For candidates considering a new employer, I believe making sure the company having the infrastructure and resources to prepare their employees for such difficult situations has become a critical factor in due diligence of the company.”


At DSJ throughout this period, we continue to deliver consistency and a high level of service to our candidates. Our hard work and dedication is affirmed below by one of our candidates:

“I have personally worked with quite a few consultants/headhunters, but none of the others came close to Alistair in terms of the quality of the service provided. He was very responsive to my inquiries and he also communicated all the necessary updates promptly. In addition, he helped me prepare very well for the interview process with his insight and knowledge of the company. Throughout the process I had full trust as I felt he always stayed on my side, looking out for the best interests of mine, which is surprisingly very rare when working with consultants.”


The mandates of our clients have been focused on bilingual professionals across the board. Sell side clients are looking for, Software Developers/Quants, Research Analysts, Financial Analysts and Accountants. We also have opportunities for Technologists in Application Support, Algo Development, Front End Engineering or for SRE/DevOps people for roles in Finance and FinTech. Buy side firms continue to look for candidates with Sales and Relationship Management experience as well as strong Product Specialists and Marketing Managers.


Working Remotely


“Another landscape from Nagano”


Many of you are currently working remotely and in some cases have been doing so for several weeks. Even though most of our clients have switched to remote work for about 50% (or more) of their work force, we have still managed to continue to keep our interviews progressing steadily, and even received a couple of offers in the last 2-3 weeks. In addition, we continue to receive new roles, proving that even in a difficult market, skilled labor is still in demand, and here at DSJ we have the ability and network to bring such talent to our clients.


Whilst working remotely brings new challenges it is also an opportunity to reconnect with our families, adapt and adjust as well as try to remain fit and healthy. This is a good chance to reflect on what is most important to you in life, as well as how to manage and come out successfully from these difficult times.


Finally, we are trying to keep our team spirits and motivation up through daily group video meetings and sharing of ideas. To top things off, we have also started team challenges in an effort to remain fit and healthy during these times. Whether this is eating a healthy balanced diet or exercising outdoors this is a great opportunity to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  

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