November update

As we are already more than half way through November, it’s amazing to see how exiting recruitment in Tokyo can be. A few weeks ago we were sure the industry had calmed down and in a flash, we are showered with many great roles to work on. We built on that momentum and have been steadily increasing the activity in our office over the past few weeks. New mandates across the board from sell side trading and sales positions to client facing ones on the buy side like Relationship Manager and Account roles are coming in. Further more, roles within the Technology space, especially IT Project Management and Development are experiencing a new high. It appears that international and domestic houses are still hungry for new employees late in the year. We are working hard to deliver on the trust we have given to close these roles.

On the other hand, we have been successful in acquiring new clients and are looking forward to strengthening these relationships by continuously introducing top talent. We continue to acquire new clients within the FinTech sector, ones affiliated with the Crypto space and famed Consulting firms.

October update

DSJ is proud to be featured in the latest edition of ACCJ Journal. Our CEO Razin Ashraf is introducing Divine Solutions Japan, our values and the team that stands behind him. He takes a look back to where it started and shares a glimpse of where he wants to go in the near future.

August update

We started our post Obon season with a bang! Our senior buy side consultant made his first two placements within months of starting at DSJ. Both were for new acquired buy side clients which makes it even more impressive. We congratulate him on this great achievement and hope for many more to come. Until the year ends we have our hands full, covering open mandates within Global Markets, Technology and Compliance. We are especially focusing on Quantitative finance professionals, stress resilient Rates Trader, skilled Derivative structurers and Sales professionals.

July update

After taking a slight drop around May, the hiring activity in finance has picked up again. We see mandates flying in across asset classes both from the Sell-Side and the Buy-Side space. Important to point out; our Buy-Side involvement has surely picked up. Whether it is in Research, Compliance or Sales, the roles are as diverse as our candidate pool. Thanks to our ongoing efforts, we were able to expand our client list significantly. We are looking forward to continue our efforts in the second half of this year, so that we can provide our top service to more companies.

A great year

Today we mark the end of the fiscal year. At DSJ we are looking back at a fantastic period of time. In the beginning of this year, two new consulting specialists joined our team. Therefore. we were able to not only face our competitors in our respected field of expertise, significantly increase our profitability as a company and also expand our coverage. Traditionally focusing on Front Office roles for financial services, we have now successfully included Operations, IT, FinTech and Asset Management. Going forward, we are aiming to strengthen our core business and capture more and more market share every month.

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