A Look at 2020

It is fair to say that 2020 has been an exceptional year for everyone. DSJ was ready to expand our team, acquire new clients and deliver our top services as we have every year. However our plans had to be adjusted due to the global health crisis. As it took shape, we moved our operations into our homes for the mandatory lock down in April and May. Although unfamiliar, we managed to adjust quickly and round up important mandates that needed to be filled. As our lifestyle slowed down our activity picked up. We stayed close to our clients, monitored the situation on a regular basis, talked to candidates and guided them through this uncertain time. We basically built a strong foothold for the second half of 2020 and came back to the office by end of May, armed with a clear view of the market, knowledge on how to navigate remote onboarding and active mandates to work on.


A lot of companies resumed their hiring during the Summer time and Autumn brought us even more mandates across the board. We placed people in various tech roles including Site Reliability Engineering (SRE), Application Support, Full Stack Development, Front End Engineering, Software Development. On the sell side we were very active in FICC sales related roles, Structured Products Sales, Sales / Trading and research,  not forgetting investment banking M&A and coverage roles. Buy side has been active too with roles placed including Risk Management, Product Management / Investment Specialists, Portfolio Management, Trading Assistants, Client Relationship Managers. We have also seen increased demand in the private equity space and have picked up new clients. In addition we have seen notable interest in the areas of ESG and Investor Relations and expect to see these themes growing in importance in the new year. We continue to serve and grow our relationships with long term clients in the notion that 2021 will be a bigger year for us than 2020. Many of our clients particularly banks in the areas of sales and trading and on the buy side have had record profit years and we are expecting this to be reflected in upcoming bonuses, however at the same time not everyone will be a winner.


We are still working on roles in Technology, Front Office, Asset Management and Operations. Our client base of international and domestic banks, hedge funds, buy side houses, crypto firms and large conglomerates have been steadily increasing their staff. This is once again proof that good talent can survive the harshest of markets and DSJ was able to provide great opportunities, exciting projects and new clients, despite the difficult conditions.


We are glad 2020 is over as it was a year of too many ups and downs and uncertainties. We will take the good lessons learned with us into 2021 and keep the bad ones as a reminder. Sometimes slowing down doesn’t hurt as long as you don’t give up. And with that fighting spirit in mind, DSJ is fully charged to introduce exiting new career opportunities and grow our client base even further.


The DSJ team thanks you for your support and wishes you a Happy New Year!

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