Working Remotely


“Another landscape from Nagano”


Many of you are currently working remotely and in some cases have been doing so for several weeks. Even though most of our clients have switched to remote work for about 50% (or more) of their work force, we have still managed to continue to keep our interviews progressing steadily, and even received a couple of offers in the last 2-3 weeks. In addition, we continue to receive new roles, proving that even in a difficult market, skilled labor is still in demand, and here at DSJ we have the ability and network to bring such talent to our clients.


Whilst working remotely brings new challenges it is also an opportunity to reconnect with our families, adapt and adjust as well as try to remain fit and healthy. This is a good chance to reflect on what is most important to you in life, as well as how to manage and come out successfully from these difficult times.


Finally, we are trying to keep our team spirits and motivation up through daily group video meetings and sharing of ideas. To top things off, we have also started team challenges in an effort to remain fit and healthy during these times. Whether this is eating a healthy balanced diet or exercising outdoors this is a great opportunity to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  

Video Conference (Preventing the spread of Coronavirus Disease 2019)

In light of recent development; Divine Solutions Japan Co., Ltd. has begun to consider video conference for the safety of everyone following the announcement on Wednesday, March 25 from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government on measures against the infection of the new coronavirus. Those who are worried about public transportation or a face-to-face consultation can now easily meet with our consultants from home using their mobile or PC. Please contact us by telephone or email for details on how to do so.


2019 Annual Report

Among 1,728 companies supporting World Vision Japan, our company's name has been published in the magazine for FY2019. Last year, a donation of 258,005,813 yen was raised, and was used to build a school for poor people in the developing countries and help provide them with an education. It also contributed towards the construction of wells for safe drinking water, protection of children and local community development. We always take pleasure in receiving thank you letters and photos from these children in the world.

DSJ will continue to support the future of children in the world.

March update

2020 has been an eventful year for us thus far, and we are almost at the end of the first quarter. We are proud to announce that we recorded our highest ever deal, and are experiencing strong demands for various talents from our clients. Domestic firms are leading the field with a firm interest and determination to hire, whilst international companies remain more cautious and are regularly assessing the current situation. Buy-side firms are eager to speak to candidates with client facing skills and experience. Technology professionals with knowledge of Web Development, Core Development or SRE/DevOps professionals continue to be in high demand. As for the Sell-side, we see a consistent interest in Equity professionals across different areas. Due to the current Coronavirus outbreak, we are connecting with many candidates working from home, to introduce suitable roles and generally catch up on the market. Despite the precautions, many but not all of the interviews scheduled are still being conducted but via Video call. It is only a matter of time until the hiring demand will further pick up and DSJ will be ready. As they say, after every storm, there is a rainbow and we are well prepared for that.

February update

We are witnessing a continued demand for junior to mid-level talent across different areas in financial services. Investment banks have been keen to see Derivative Sales, Structurers, Research Analysts, Investment Bankers, Front Office Developers, KDB+ Engineers, Quant Traders and Project Managers. On the Investment Management side we are seeking Pension Sales, Product Managers, Analysts as well as Portfolio Managers for several of our clients.


Besides roles in Development, hiring managers like to see Technologists with a background in DevOps, AWS and Web Applications. We experienced one of the busiest months in January, and February is looking likely to be another record month. We will also be welcoming a new joiner to our team, as we look to expand our team.


Regardless of any viruses, impeachment inquiries or Brexit worries, DSJ continues to move forward in the only way we know how to.

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