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Screening Revolution-DSJ Video Resume Introduction Service

Screening Revolution

As of this month, DSJ welcomed an innovative new system for resume introduction, with the use of video technology. As pre-screening candidates is one of the most important tasks in the recruitment process, we decided to take one step further to partner with our clients. 

Going forward, we will provide our clients with video interviews and introductions from candidates, allowing them to see and hear them before the actual interview. This breakthrough technology allows clients to provide us with decisive screening questions for candidates to answer, prior to committing to an actual interview.


The benefits of this technology include:

・Pre-screening - is enabled to be carried out efficiently before deciding whether to move to a face to face interview.

・Saving time - a greater number of candidates can be reviewed in a shorter amount of time.

・Increased response times - candidates should be able to receive the initial feedback from clients much more quickly than before.


We are already using this technology successfully. Please contact us if you would like to learn more.

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