World Vision

While we had a fantastic year here in Tokyo, we can’t say the same about children in other parts of the world. We want to share the fruits of our labor and be thankful in this peaceful holiday season. That is why DSJ team members decided to become child ambassadors for World Vision. Every Consultant sponsors five different kids from around the globe. Our letters went out to Bangladesh, Ruanda, Ecuador, Tanzania and Kenya. In addition, DSJ made a Christmas donation in form of food and water to World Vision. At our office, everybody knows for whom he or she is putting in the works. For our clients, our candidates and our kids.

December highlight

Can’t believe we are already in December, and the hiring frenzy continues. After an extremely busy year, firms continue to aggressively seek talent in different areas. We are seeing demands across the board in secondary markets, Operations, the Regulatory space and Technology. Not only are Japanese banks, but even their foreign counterparts continue to interview various candidates, and some rushing to get offers out before year end.  Surprisingly, speculation on bonus figures hasn’t been talked about as much this year, as expectations seem to have been managed well by senior management. For further details on job openings, please get in touch with us through our homepage.

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